FAT Paint





FAT Paint is a chalk-style paint that easily affixes to most porous surfaces—wood, glass, metal, plastic and fabric—and covers most projects with just a couple of coats. It’s low-VOC. It dries quickly. And, it’s soft and easy to sand, leaving nothing behind but a smooth, silky finish. Start with the colour you’d like from the display below and you will be on your way!

During the pandemic all sales are final

For delivery in Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo please advise in comment field at check out. A flat fee of $5 + hst for local delivery will be billed separately or safe pick up can be arranged  CHOOSE LOCAL PICK UP FOR BOTH THESE OPTIONS

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Warm White Quart, Warm White Pint, Warm White Sample, ZuZu's Petals Quart, ZuZu's Petals Pint, ZuZu's Petals Sample, Wilbury Farm Quart, Wilbury Farm Pint, Wilbury Farm Sample, Verdigris Quart, Verdigris Pint, Verdigris Sample, Tuscan Sun Quart, Tuscan Sun Pint, Tuscan Sun Sample, Tara Quart, Tara Pint, Tara Sample, Tansy Quart, Tansy Pint, Tansy Sample, Tango Quart, Tango Pint, Tango Sample, Stormborn Quart, Stormborn Pint, Stormborn Sample, Stark Quart, Stark Pint, Stark Sample, Snow Quart, Snow Pint, Snow Sample, Skyline Quart, Skyline Pint, Skyline Sample, Sea Glass Green Quart, Sea Glass Green Pint, Sea Glass Green Sample, Riverrun Quart, Riverrun Pint, Riverrun Sample, Red Barchetta Quart, Red Barchetta Pint, Red Barchetta Sample, Razamanaz Quart, Razamanaz Pint, Razamanaz Sample, Raven Quart, Raven Pint, Raven Sample, Posy Quart, Posy Pint, Posy Sample, Pistachio Quart, Pistachio Pint, Pistachio Sample, Piri Piri Quart, Piri Piri Pint, Piri Piri Sample, Pink Cashmere Quart, Pink Cashmere Pint, Pink Cashmere Sample, Pewter Quart, Pewter Pint, Pewter Sample, Peacock Quart, Peacock Pint, Peacock Sample, Parchment Quart, Parchment Pint, Parchment Sample, Orangeapalooza Quart, Orangeapalooza Pint, Admiral Quart, Admiral Pint, Admiral Sample, Mountain Haze Quart, Mountain Haze Pint, Mountain Haze Sample, Miami Beach Quart, Miami Beach Pint, Miami Beach Sample, Mango Quart, Mango Pint, Mango Sample, Lunenburg Quart, Lunenburg Pint, Lunenburg Sample, Jute Quart, Jute Pint, Jute Sample, Gull Grey Quart, Gull Grey Pint, Gull Grey Sample, Ash Quart, Ash Pint, Ash Sample, Glacier Bay Quart, Glacier Bay Pint, Glacier Bay Sample, Fleur De Lis Quart, Fleur De Lis Pint, Fleur De Lis Sample, Firozi Quart, Firozi Pint, Firozi Sample, Elefante Quart, Elefante Pint, Elefante Sample, Dove Quart, Dove Pint, Dove Sample, Dharma Quart, Dharma Pint, Dharma Sample, Deva Quart, Deva Pint, Deva Sample, Cream Quart, Cream Pint, Cream Sample, Oatmeal Quart, Oatmeal Pint, Oatmeal Sample, Coconut Quart, Coconut Pint, Coconut Sample, Chiffon Quart, Chiffon Pint, Chiffon Sample, Chestnut Quart, Chestnut Pint, Chestnut Sample, Cathedral grove Quart, Cathedral Grove Pint, Cathedral Grove Sample, Cast Iron Quart, Cast Iron Pint, Cast Iron Sample, Can"t See Me Camo Quart, Can't See Me Camo Pint, Can't See Me Camo Sample, Cabaret Quart, Cabaret Pint, Cabaret Sample, Blushing Bombshell Quart, Blushing Bombshell Pint, Blushing Bombshell Sample, Blush Quart, Blush Pint, Blush Sample, Blue Slate Quart, Blue Slate Pint, Blue Slate Sample, Bitter Chocolate Quart, Bitter Chocolate Pint, Bitter Chocolate Sample, Belle Quart, Belle Pint, Belle Sample, Aurora Quart, Aurora Pint, Aurora Sample, Autumn Quart, Autumn Pint, Autumn Sample, Antique Wedgewood Quart, Antique Wedgewood Pint, Antique Wedgewood Sample, Bella Blue Quart, Bella Blue Pint, Bella Blue Sample, Mykonos Quart, Mykonos Pint, Kykonos Sample, Robyn's Egg Quart, Robyn's Egg Pint, Robyn's egg Sample, Dutch Door Quart, Dutch Door Pint, Dutch Door Sample

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