My Frustrating End Tables

I have been wanting to refinish some of my furniture and didn’t realize they would turn into my frustrating end tables. They are dated with the deep rich reddish tones. Lighter more refreshing tones are coming into style. With having to close the store to the public I have had more time and our upcoming move to a new home I decide it was time. I had an idea what I wanted but once I stripped one end table top down I discovered our “solid wood” furniture wasn’t. I was heart broken to see MDF poking through in small areas on the top. The frustration began.

Time to revise the plan. I initially was going to strip the tops to re-stain and paint the legs and skirt. I decided to use this opportunity to do a demo on creating a faux wood grain on the top using IOD (Iron Orchid Design) Wood Grain Stamps. The entire table was painted, legs in Elephante and the top in the faux wood grain. Although it turned out amazing it wasn’t the look I was going for, for my home. The demo can be seen on my YouTube channel as there are 6 parts to it.

I forgot to mention I took the tops off to make it easier to work on the legs. I used my favourite stripper on the furniture, Super Eco Remover. Generously brush it on and leave for 20 minutes. Use a scraper to remove the goopy mess. I also suggest coarse steel wool to help remove the goo. Once you have as much removed as possible then use a damp cloth and wipe off any remaining stripper and residue. Let the furniture dry completely.

I used my Ryobi orbital sander with 100 grit sand paper to remove any remaining stain in the wood. I was very careful on the table top where the veneer is to ensure I didn’t sand through any more then I originally had.

The fun began once the entire piece was stripped and sanded. I mixed the FAT Paint colour Elephante with water in a mason jar to the consistency of slightly thinner chocolate milk. I carefully brushed this over ever surface ensuring no drips (which could cause blotches).

The veneered areas kept a more reddish tone after the sanding then the solid wood around the edges so I needed to figure out a way to tone down the red tone and get a more cohesive look on the top. First I applied satin Varathane  to the end table using a foam brush and in the skirt I used a Cling On brush. I then created a glaze using the Varathane, Jute colour FAT Paint and a few dribbles of the Elephante stain. This was brushed onto the centre of the tops of the tables where the veneer is. I applied two coats of the glaze.

When the glaze was dried two coats of satin Varathane were applied. When the Varathane was dried I wet sanded with 600 grit sand paper dried them off then a applied one last coat of the Varathane to complete them.

The updated lighter version turned out fabulously. Now onto the coffee and sofa table, hopefully they won’t be like my frustrating end tables.

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