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I have twin boys and for the longest time they shared a bedroom. They decided a while back that they wanted their own bedrooms so one moved into the other bedroom we had available. They had shared the dresser in the first room so we gave him a dresser to use temporarily until we found one for him. When we announced we were on a serious hunt for a new dresser he got rather upset and didn’t want to give up the dresser he had. I showed him the style I was looking for and said he could pick out the colour/colours. I pulled up mid-century modern dressers on Pinterest and he liked the multi-coloured drawers so the hunt began and soon after I found this.

Bobby's Dresser Before 3


The one leg was a little wobbly so I removed it and scraped and sanded the old glue off and applied new wood glue to both the leg and the hole it goes into. There was also a screw that was put back and tightened. This piece  I worked on at home since it was for my son. I put down a drop cloth in our spare bedroom/my office. I forgot what tight quarters it was to work in there. That is one thing I love about FAT Paint is the low VOC which allows a person to work in small spaces with out worry of fumes from the paint. I gave this dresser a good scrubbing with a strong vinegar and water solution. I wiped it down several times both inside and out.

There was some heavy staining in a couple of the drawers so once they were thoroughly dry I covered the stained areas with clear shellac. I use a a disposable/inexpensive chip brush as shellac does not clean up with soap and water. I just toss the brush away so there is not need for strong solvents. Shellec dries rather quickly so I could have started painting an hour later.

Bobby's Dresser Open Drawers Front


My son chose five colours  and I think he chose well. Each drawer was painted entirely in its own colour inside and out. There are two basic reasons for painting the entire drawer; first to cover stains or damaged areas and second it is just visually appealing. Starting with the top drawer and working down I used  Chalk White, Apple, Pewter and last but not least Peacock FAT Paint. For the box/frame of the dresser he chose Raven.

Bobby's Dresser Partial


Since I was going for a more modern contemporary look I wanted to diminish the brush strokes. In order to achieve this I keep my brush slightly wet. I will dip the very tip of my brush into water prior to immersing into the paint. This allows the paint to smooth out a little better and dry slower allowing you to do larger sections in full brush strokes from one end to the other with out getting drag marks. If you are using this technique and will not be using all the paint in your can then pour your paint into another container. You don’t want to be adding water to your can as there is bacteria in your water and a sealed can of chalk paint is the perfect breeding ground for them.  Yes that small amount coming off your brush is enough to cause bacteria growth.

Once the second coat of paint is dry I do a light wet sanding with 600 grit sand paper to smooth out the brush strokes even more. Make sure you have a soft dry cloth to quickly wipe up drips and excess water. I then apply two coats of polyurethane using a foam brush and again wet sand after the two coats are dry. The last step is to finish with two more coats of polyurethane.

Bobby's Dresser In Bedroom


I guess there really is another step and that was putting new drawer pulls on the dresser. By adding the brushed nickel handles it finishes the dresser off nicely for a  preteen boy’s bedroom. If my son decides at some point he wants different colours I can easily change them for him. Now I am trying to convince both my boys to let me paint their beds.

Bobby's Dresser Before and After

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