A Bright Idea

When we moved into our 1974 sidesplit it was like walking into a time warp. We have been slowly updating and and putting our style into out home. One thing that I have kept was the original front hall light. A small chandelier that had rather ornate metal work but was dull and dingy.


We have since replaced the front hall light with something more in tune with our style but I needed to replace the horrible wagon wheel style light in our spare bedroom with something else so I decided to give the little chandelier a face lift. I took the light to my studio and started on it.

First off I removed all the bulbs and crystals. I scrubbed all the metal work with a vinegar and water  solution using an old toothbrush.

I originally thought I would paint it black but the guest bedroom had a light and more airy feel to it so a black fixture hanging in the room would be way too harsh so I opted for more of an old French Country look.  I chose to paint it in the FAT Paint colour Parchment. Two coats covered it well.

I did not want a shiny finish so I opted for natural FAT wax with Patina FAT wax to help enhance the details in the metal work. To finish off the look and in keeping with a French Country feel I lightly gave the light a few brushes of gold gilding wax here and there.

chandelier on

I did not forget about the chain or cover plate for the ceiling. They too were painted and finished exactly the same way. I also chose to paint out the faux candles (where the light bulbs screw in) and cover the not so lovely fake brassy wax drips. Those I used only natural FAT wax on.

chandelier close up


Once home and hung in the guest bedroom all the crystals were washed and rehung. It  is a definite improvement over the 1970’s wagon wheel light that used to be in the room.

chandelier painted


A little bit of FAT Paint and some creativity can give your home decor items a whole new life.

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