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Black Wash

One of the first pieces of furniture I painted for my business I used this particular technique. I had no… Continue reading »

Time for a Little Self Indulgence

Years ago my mother purchased an old dresser and it eventually wound up in my home. I asked a while… Continue reading »

From Blue to Beautiful

This was a piece that came to me from a client wanting a makeover. She wanted an old distressed look… Continue reading »

International Beauties

Seems like forever since my last post, so lets not delay and get down to business. The FAT Paint Company has… Continue reading »

Vintage X Three

A friend of mine contacted me when her Mother decided it was time to down size. I purchased a lovely… Continue reading »

Glamming It Up

I did a cabinet in pink a few short weeks ago if you remember, well this sideboard was part of… Continue reading »

Even New Can Be Painted

I saw a cool table on Kijiji and went out to a woman’s house to see it but it just… Continue reading »

Pretty in Pink

Every once in a while I just need to push the envelope of what is expected. I purchased this lovely… Continue reading »

New Life

Every once in a while I get pieces that I wonder if I can actually get to look nice again…. Continue reading »

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Typically I keep to fairly neutral colours when I am painting pieces to sell. I am trying to reach the… Continue reading »